Rtayte – Envisioning to be the leaders in carbon market

Rtayte visions to be the best in the carbon offset trade market. Provide its client the best price for offset available in the market.

Rtayte Pte Ltd. is provider of consultancy and trade services to the world’s environmental and green energy markets. We Assist in corporate sustainability strategy development, Provide policy consulting, Guide the development of integrated greenhouse gas and energy management strategies, Assist in the assessment of corporate, organization, and event emissions footprints, Match buyers and sellers of environmental credits, Arrange for forward sales which provide revenues that can be used to finance projects, Clear transactions to minimize performance and delivery risk.

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An ESG report or sustainability report is published..

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As the company consumes energy for its daily needs..

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Carbon offsetting
consulting services

We provide strategic advice to guide leading corporations..

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Manage your Carbon Credits, avail maximum benefits

Rtayte Pte Ltd is provider of trade and consultancy servicesto world’s environmental and green energy market.


Trade Services

Rtayte team has over 15 years of combined experience on developing projects and trading environmental commodities in world’s leading markets. Our team leverages project finance and strategic advisory capabilities to provide superior transactional services and market intelligence to our clients.



We have a team of experts who work on ESG, Carbon footprint, Carbon offset, etc. Together the team has achieved registration of more than 100 projects and also have traded a large volume of carbon credits providing the best out of the market to the clients.