About Us

Who We Are

Rtayte Pte Ltd. is provider of consultancy and trade services to the world’s environmental and green energy markets. We Assist in corporate sustainability strategy development, Provide policy consulting, Guide the development of integrated greenhouse gas and energy management strategies, Assist in the assessment of corporate, organization, and event emissions footprints, Match buyers and sellers of environmental credits, Arrange for forward sales which provide revenues that can be used to finance projects, Clear transactions to minimize performance and delivery risk.

We help companies to identify, develop GHG mitigation/adaptation projects and also broker green energy products, advise equity investment funds on carbon finance, introduce investors to projects, and structure forward sales to enable project developers to fund their investments. We provide an integrated set of services to bring environmental commodities to market, and to help our clients manage their energy and environmental risks.

Rtayte provides strategic advisory services within the renewable energy and sustainability sectors to corporate, government, and private entities. Our services range from providing comprehensive market entry guidance, project advisory addressing the entire development cycle, and tracking system/asset management. Our team leverages our global range, expertise and relationships to deliver meaningful impact to our client’s portfolio operations.